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From personal branding, to lead gen, consistent sales & predictable revenue, to community building, personal productivity systems and beyond...I've got you covered.

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Gabriela Toro

Founder, The Blissful Step

"Rob's tech and automation know-how revolutionized my business operations, streamlining processes, and amplifying productivity, allowing me to focus on strategic growth."

Joseph Dentici

COO, I Believe In You

"I love Rob's advice and systems, grounded in his hands-on experience. If I were starting from scratch, Rob would be my first call to rebuild an audience and customer base."

Jeremy Albelda

Owner, The World Or Bust

"Thanks to Rob's consulting, my business now operates like a well-oiled machine. His strategic insights and implementation plans transformed our efficiency and productivity."

Ryan Felix

Investor / Entrepreneur / Creator

"I cannot thank Rob enough for his invaluable mentorship; his community-building strategies connected me with a dedicated fanbase, elevating my online presence and fostering brand loyalty."

Georgia Smith

Founder, Sancti Coaching & Retreats

"With Rob's guidance, I created compelling offers and effectively communicated with my audience, resulting in consistent sales and predictable revenue."

Josh Cheetham

Executive High Performance Coach

"Rob's personalized productivity systems were nothing short of transformative, revolutionizing my work-life balance and empowering me to achieve more while minimizing stress."

Dylan Warter


"Rob's mentorship in entrepreneurship and affiliate marketing allowed me to quit my job and create my own path. From high-ticket sales skills to personal growth, these were the building blocks of my successful business."

Sam James

CEO, Marca Media

"Working with Rob was a game-changer for my business! His paid & organic lead gen strategies and sales systems helped me scale my 1-person venture into a thriving company."

Mike Hale

Founder, Halestorm Enterprises

"Learning from Rob empowered me to quit my job and start my own business. His teachings on marketing, sales, funnels, systems, and paid ads were the key to my success and financial freedom."

A Wide Range of Topics - Tailored To You.

Address any obstacle during your 1-on-1 strategy session with Rob and receive customized strategies, recommendations, and actions to reach your goals.

Possible topics for discussion:

  • Clarifying your overall business model

  • Devising a profitable and consistent cashflow strategy

  • Scaling your 1-person business into a thriving company

  • Creating compelling offers + effectively communicating your products/services to your audience

  • Determining and deploying the right tech, systems, and automation for your business

  • Building a thriving online and/or offline community of loyal fans, followers, and high-paying customers

  • Streamlining your team and delegating tasks for efficient scaling

  • Implementing personalized productivity systems to reduce stress and overwhelm

  • Addressing imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and negative life influences

  • Generating multiple income streams within your business

Rob Brautigam mentoring a client in a 1-on-1 coaching session. Sales, marketing, facebook ads, personal branding specialist.

About Rob...

Rob Brautigam portrait photo. Proven strategies to launch, grow, monetize, and scale your internet business.

Since quitting his engineering job in 2016, Rob Brautigam has grown several online & offline communities into the thousands, built & advised on 7+ figure companies, facilitated $60M+ in sales, and helped 250+ individuals quit their jobs by launching their own internet businesses.

Rob Brautigam portrait photo. Proven strategies to launch, grow, monetize, and scale your internet business.

1-on-1 Coaching. Simplified.

1) Book Your Session

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2) Choose Your Focus

Select the specific topic you want to address, anything from eliminating to-do list overwhelm to optimizing your high-ticket sales script.

3) Attend The Zoom Meeting

Engage in a one-on-one strategy session with Rob, receiving tailored strategies and recommendations.

4) Conquer Obstacles

Implement the provided actions and conquer obstacles that were holding you back.

5) Thrive and Succeed

Apply the insights and guidance gained to unlock your full potential and achieve success in your life and business.